Thursday Reflection – Week 1

October 3, 2006

It surprises me to think about how ingrained culture is in all of us. Whether we like it or not, we are shaped by the world around us and there are unique things about us that ties us to our community. Having spent part of my summer in Mexico, I was surprised by the cultural differences that set me apart from the church that I was working with. Such subtle things were foreign to me, and even uncomfortable. I didn’t understand the language, the customs and the body language, and it made me feel like an outsider, no matter how welcoming and inviting the Mexican church was to me. I wonder, does the Church today have such a strong culture that outsiders don’t feel welcome? Do we hold to things that are unessential to our faith that put up unnecessary barriers to new people entering into our community and the family of God? What does it look like for the Church to live in the world, and yet still be Christ incarnate? And most of all, do we even care if those outside of our church feel estranged and pushed away by our own unique Christian culture?


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