Tuesday Reflection – Week 1

October 3, 2006

To me, it is so obvious that we are in a post-Christian culture. The Church is at the fringe of society, and people are no longer just knocking on our doors. And yet, many churches seem stuck in this old way of thinking. They don’t want to give up their prized position in society, are unaware of the disinterest in Christianity throughout secular culture and don’t want to try new ways of doing things. Working at a traditional church, it is hard to convince people that the paradigm has shifted. How do we inspire people to take Christ into the world? What does Christ have to offer the world, and how can the Church incarnate Christ’s love to those outside of the church walls? How do we teach people to be missionaries in their own world, and to constantly go through life looking for ways to bridge the gap between the “saved” and the “unsaved”? I know that the Church needs to make this move, I have read many inspiring books that address this issue, but I don’t feel like anyone has modeled for me what it looks like to live this kind of life. As a leader in the Church today, I need to be a leader, but at the same time, I also need to be lead. And I am hopeful that this class will be the beginning of this journey.


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