Thursday Reflection – Week 2

October 5, 2006

It’s interesting to start thinking about the interplay between media and the public. When did art start being produced for the sake of making money? How much control over time has advertising had over the consumer? And why has the power over what is produced shifted to the consumer instead of the producer?

Advertising fascinates me, and I love the interplay between mass media and the general public. I am amazed at the power of media, and I am afraid of the implications of advertising as it continues to grow and perfect its allure.

I remember watching a popular tv show last year and was blown away by the subtle suggestion of having the main character drive a certain kind of car, the camera panning over the vehicle and then pausing, ever so slightly, on the logo. How is advertising changing? Where is the line between control and suggestion? Does advertising become dangerous when we don’t even realize that we are being persuaded? Have we already crossed that line?


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