Tuesday Reflection – week 3

October 10, 2006

Today’s lecture on practices and power was a good theological background for transforming culture, but I was moved the most by the tangents on how these teachings apply to life. For example, Jesus doesn’t seek power in order to force and coheres people to live in freedom. Instead, he models that freedom so that others can be drawn to his new way of life. Jesus seeks to transform the broken systems from below. Similarly, we are called to enter into the broken culture and reclaim it for God. The emergent church is trying to destroy the idea of a secular world. All things belong to God. The role of the church is to enter into the world and transform the broken aspect of creation in order to participate with God in establishing his Kingdom on earth now. The Church shouldn’t fear culture, but instead, recognize that it is God’s and work with God to bring healing, fruitfulness and justice to the world.


One Response to “Tuesday Reflection – week 3”

  1. Jason said

    Exactly. See previous comment.

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