Bold Love – class reflection, tuesday week 6

November 2, 2006

 In class this week, we’ve been looking at the things Jesus did throughout his life and how he interacted with culture.  Once we started to talk about the Jewish culture of the day, I was amazed at how revolutionary Jesus really was.  He didn’t just tell stories, but he told stories where the little guy came out on top and where the rejected in the world were treated the same as the most respected.  He honored the poor, the crippled, the homeless and the rejected. And then he told us to do the same.   

I just watched this documentary on Mother Teresa and I was amazed at how loving she was, towards everybody. She would greet nuns and dying men in the same way. She was able to bless people just with her presence and her touch.  I was physically repulsed by some of the people she was serving. It was hard for me to identify with them, because they looked so different than me and lived in a world that I don’t know anything about.  But somehow Mother Teresa loved these people who are rejected by the world, boldly following Jesus’ commandment to love all people.  I want to learn how to do this. To follow Jesus without holding anything back. 


2 Responses to “Bold Love – class reflection, tuesday week 6”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    I assume that everybody including Jesus has/had some sort of difficulty severing everybody they meet/met. Jesus is human and faced temptation (He didnt give in to it though) so why not having second thoughts on washing his disciples feet? When the image goes through my head of bathing the homeless, I can’t honestly say I would do it. But I think overcoming our natural reaction and leaving our comfort zone for Jesus is noteworthy.

  2. Dani said

    SHe is one of my heros! I can only strive to be more like her.

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