Class Reflection – thursday week 6

November 6, 2006

I hate the Church’s process of evangelism.  I think it is horrible that we go out, meet people who don’t go to church, and the start doing everything we can to get them to say “the prayer” and start doing the kinds of things that Good Christians are supposed to do. I don’t think that is our job at all. 

I think we are supposed to care for people. To make friends with people because we like being around them, because we like spending time with them.  And we are supposed to love them in incredible ways.  To care for them, to bless them, to be a part of their life and let them be a part of our lives.  And maybe how we live our lives, how we love them, will help people see how much God loves them.   

My only problem with this whole process is that I don’t know anybody that doesn’t already belong to a church.  I am in such a Christian bubble.  Everybody I know either attends my church, goes to school to learn more about God or is in my Bible study.  I don’t know how to meet people who aren’t Christian.  Anybody have any ideas?


One Response to “Class Reflection – thursday week 6”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    I personally think the emphasis of the “evangelical process” is but a small part of the whole. Evangelism in the traditional sense is nice, but neglects the demonstration of faith to those who aren’t keen on hearing the “message”. That being said, I am not sure how to deliberatly meet non-christians when you are constantly emersed in it (in the bubble). Non-christians kind of find me-granted I am not constantly within Christian circles. Perhaps a book club? If you want to tack on service, voluneteering at a day center might work.

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