Class Reflection – thursday week 7

November 9, 2006

This week Fuller sponsored some lectures on Children at Risk. It was really interesting to hear about the different types of ministries people are doing to help disadvantaged children around the world.  So often the Church focus on providing for people spiritually, but then neglects their physical, emotional and social well-being. It was so encouraging to see groups working to heal the whole child, so that they can grow in fullness and joy in all aspects of their life.


2 Responses to “Class Reflection – thursday week 7”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    I think that tracts do the exact same thing. It concentrates on the conversion but then abandon’s them without follow up or growth. What about the children who are saved but dont have clean water or parents to take care of them. I was reading a report from the U.N. that more die from lack of acess to clean drinking water (approx. half of the world doesnt have acesses to clean drinking water) than another cause in Africa, including war, disease, and famine. Speaking of Africa, it is projected that within the next decade a whole generation will be marred by the AID’s epidemic, and there will be an explosion in the number of orphaned children (the number of dead often masks the number left behind).

  2. Gilda said

    I think our (Contemporary American Christians) concept of “The Church” is entirely skewed. Instead of the Body of Believers, we think of an organized program or group of people that should be doing “A” or fixing “B” or affecting “C”. Even the early disciples weren’t a cohesive organized group that was making mass headway on the social issues of the day. Instead they were a community of believers that changed their world (and probably not even “noticably” in their day… only now more in hindsight) through living their life centered on the truths and claims of Christ. There’s a lot to be said if we, Christians, feel like “The Church” should be doing more… it probably means we, the individuals in the community, should be doing more… because we ARE THE CHURCH.

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