Class Reflection – tuesday week 7

November 9, 2006

I think we need to redefine what it means to be in community with each other.  In the Church, you have to believe the right things and act the right way in order to be a part of my group.  I can be friendly with you, think you’re a nice person and even hang out with you, but it will always be an “us” vs. “them” until you say The Prayer.  

I don’t like that.  Why can’t I be friends with somebody who doesn’t believe the same things that I do? Why can’t I move past casual acquaintance with a Jew or an atheist, and actually share my life with them? Why is believing such a huge part of who we are? 

I kind of think that it has to do with modernity. Ever since the Enlightenment, we believe that things can be proven.  We know what is right and what is wrong, and information rules our life.  I don’t think that everybody is like that.  Instead, I think we are much more communally oriented now.  Maybe instead of getting people to believe the right things, we should invite them to experience God in the world and in our lives.  maybe if we let people belong to us, to be apart of who we are, that they could know God in a real and tangible way. And then maybe, after they belong to us, they can come to believe.


One Response to “Class Reflection – tuesday week 7”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    In a country seemingly divided Red and Blue I think its easier and eaiser to see things as us versus them (especially when you see a sea of Red in Blue parenthses). I think what is overshadowed is the similarity between believers and non believers.

    I think beign a Christian comes with a misconception that Christians are perfect and God loves us more for it. The truth is that Christians are still human and face the same temptations before and after “the prayer”. God loves everyone and I think as humans we try to stratisfy love on different levels when God, overfollowing with love, cares for each person, regardless of the fact if the love is recipocated. I think when we have a mentatlity that God loves us more because we love Him back leads to division.

    I would however warn against “being yoked” with unbelievers as a primary community. I believe a more current anology would be that you don’t swim (hike, cycle, etc) with someone that is not of the same level as you. So while I think its fine to be open and close with non believers, invariably we should have a support group that’s at the same level spiritually.

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