class reflection – tuesday week 8

November 16, 2006

In class today, Bolger told more stories about churches around the world. I want so much to be able to do church differently. To talk about Jesus in a way that means something to people. To be able to be a part of the culture and love people like Jesus did.  But I don’t really know how since I am so immersed in the Christian bubble.  This is very frustrating to me.  I want people to teach me to be like Jesus. who can show me a new way of doing church, but I don’t know anybody who is doing this kind of stuff.   

It occurred to me today that following Jesus is a really hard thing to do.  (surprise surprise) Yes, we are supposed to love people, but love takes sacrifice. We are supposed to stand up for the abused, but that means risking our own status.  We are supposed to forgive people, but forgiveness can be so hard.  Its easy to just tell people that this is what it means to follow Jesus, but it takes so much more work to actually do it. I think this is real Christianity.  Radical faith.  I wonder what it would look like to actually live this way. And how can I let people challenge me to do these things and help others as they also struggle to follow Jesus? 

“The cost of the cross is social non-conformity” – John Yoder


One Response to “class reflection – tuesday week 8”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    The guilt of hypocrisy from telling people to live every second for God and yet standing off to the side is enough for me. Its hard though, especially when the problems of this world seem to have no end and what little progress happens seems insignificant and is unrewarded.

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