class reflection – thursday week 8

November 21, 2006

Last Thursday, Wess lectured on two of the books that we read for class, which was mildly helpful. I feel like I read those books so long ago, that I have already processed them and that they have already become a part of me, so talking about them this late in the quarter wasn’t extremely helpful.

But, I really liked the Quaries (sp?) that Wess lead us in at the beginning of the class.  We had a time of silent prayer and reflection, where Wess directed our thoughts by asking a number of questions. We then were told to just listen for God’s voice.  I really like the meditative / contemplative disciplines. I find life so hectic that it is hard to slow down enough and just be with Jesus.  I struggle with calming myself enough to listen to God, but I found the process of asking questions and listening for God’s voice to be very helpful.


One Response to “class reflection – thursday week 8”

  1. wess said

    We’ll have to be more up to date with these next time – thanks for the feedback and yes – Queries is the proper spelling. 🙂

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