postmodernity – class reflection, tuesday week 8

November 27, 2006

How many of you have heard of postmodernity before (it doesn’t count if I’m the only one you’ve ever heard talk about it).  Well anyways, it’s this idea that in the past 20 or 30 years, people have changed.  We still get up and go to work everyday, but how we view the world is different.  We aren’t so concerned with facts, and we are drawn to stories about how God is moving in the world.  We don’t just learn by hearing somebody talk to us, but we like to experience life, to participate in the world, to belong to something, and through these activities we are changed. 

Now, I pretty much buy into the whole postmodern thing, obviously.  It fits me so well and I see it in other people my age.   But for some reason, in the circles I hang out with, “postmodernity” is seen as an evil thing.  Just the word makes people cringe.  If I start talking about something I’m excited about and then accidentally slip in the word postmodern, people stop listening and immediately dismiss me as radical and liberal.  Its like to them, the word postmodern = “I don’t love Jesus and I want to destroy the Church”. I don’t get it, and it frustrates me. 

In class last week, Ryan said something that I just think is hilarious.  Instead of saying “postmodern” he says “second-moderity” and people love his ideas.  Just by changing the word he uses, even though he is talking about the same thing, people are willing to listen to him and even adopt some of the changes he suggests. Wow. So from now on, I don’t believe in postmodernity, I believe in second-modernity. I’ll test it out and let you know if it helps my little revolution…


One Response to “postmodernity – class reflection, tuesday week 8”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    Well you would be the only one I have heard talk about post-modernity in that context. I personally don’t like the term even if it applies to me (although apperently theres a worldy one and a spiritual one).

    One way aside from changing the term might be reminding the circles that you’re in that “radicals and liberals” by diffintion change the world sometimes for the better. (Worldy examples: The Republicans were the radical 3rd Party against slavery and T. Roosevelt was a self proclaimed progressive). Or you could refer to the concept (experincing God) without mentioning the term and then point out that that is post modern. If they refute the concept after accepting it in all but name, then they are holding onto preconceptions that are contradictory to what they believe and eventually it should eat away at them.

    Remember that most of the circles that you in are skewed to older people (and those circles lead to other related circles; more older people). Older people tend to reject new ideas so it would seem natural, even if it’s disheartening, that many around you would reject your ideas. But with the glass half full, many of you’re peers accept your ideas even if they don’t know it.

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