class reflection – tuesday week 9

November 29, 2006

I really don’t have anything brilliant to say today, so feel free to stop reading now. Class was good this week. I really like studying about how culture has changed over time, and it is helpful for me to have a better idea where our country is coming from and where we are heading.  It is interesting that in modernity, we tried to make everything the same.  We could study a process and then try to reproduce it to get the maximum return. 

I think it is really funny that with the growth of the Emerging Church, people are trying to come up with the 5 steps to making an emerging church.  The emerging church is about rejecting modernity, structure and order. It is about letting things develop naturally, to flow from their structure, to evolve as things change.  And it definitely isn’t about being efficient.  Yet, many people’s first instinct, mine included, is to take it apart and study it so that I can reproduce the exact same thing in my community.  I guess that should just remind us that we are still dealing with modernity, and that modernity is still engrained in much of how we think and what we do.


One Response to “class reflection – tuesday week 9”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    I suppose its rather natural to want easy laid outsteps towards goals. In some sense I would argue that is essential and logical. However, I would agree that my natural reaction to 5 steps towards say salvation isnt that appealing; akin to easy weight loss. The whole if you follow a set of rules and guide lines you’ll recieve salvation is only part of the story and in a way a simple road map is contradictory to the thought processes of the emerging church.

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