party party party

December 21, 2006

So we had the Christmas party at my apartment complex. It was crazy! Between making all the food, decorating and meeting tons of people I didn’t know, I was exhausted by the end. But it was really really good.

The whole thing was a little awkward because I didn’t know anybody, and nobody knew anybody, but eventually people started chatting and hanging out. It surprised me how long some of the people had lived there (one guy has lived there for the past 18 years!). And it was sad how few people knew each other. Everybody seemed to like the idea of getting to know their neighbors though, which was the whole idea. Its really cool, I’ve actually talked to some of the people since the party. I hope I can get to know them enough so that I can bless them in some way.

(on a side note, I kind of feel like I should stop walking around the apartment complex in my pajamas. I ran into somebody I knew yesterday when I had my pj’s on)

On a completely different note, I’m trying to find somewhere I can serve on Christmas. I go in phases where I am really motivated to help others, and where I become kind of indifferent. I just watched a talk by Shane Claiborne the other day, and I think that sparked this most recent interest in serving. I think that loving people and tangibly meeting their needs is so much a part of what it means to follow Jesus. But so much of what I do for my job and to “be a good Christian” has nothing to do with feeding the poor and comforting the lonely. Its depressing really. It is so easy to forget that first and foremost we are called to be a people who love others.

I wonder if that is what it means to be the Church. Not to worry about getting more people through our doors. Not to count the number of times that we explain the 4 spiritual laws. But instead, to just live the kind of life that Jesus tells us to live. To worry instead about loving radically, being excessively generous, forgiving the unforgivable. Maybe if we do these kinds of things, people will know that we are different, and will be drawn to God because of our incredible love.


One Response to “party party party”

  1. Matt (Mateo) said

    That’s why you raced me to it!

    Well I am glad that the party thing went over well. It’s weird how everyone wants to get to know each other but are rarely willing to make any sort of effort. Your party provided a low cost way to talk to people you would but normally don’t. I think it would be cool if I could depend on my neighbors to watch over my place while I am away or something like that.

    On the second thought; I think its incredible how the love of God through us brings joy to others. I sometimes forget that in the mix of things. It’s just so easy to toss aside and become jaded. This time of year is so focused at those around us it’s so easy to forget those on the edges of society. To even be acknowledged as a part of the community does so much. When I think about it I am just in awe at what effect showing God’s love to people can do.

    P.S. I didn’t know you went out side of your apartment in your PJ’s.

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